Cake Pops!

So yesterday, I made some cake pops! Or, as my friend calls them, amazeballs (because they don’t have the stick like normal cake pops). If you plan on making cake pops, give yourself a lot of time, because they take FOREVER. But it is totally worth it because they are delicious.

1. Whip up some cake batter. It doesn’t matter if it is homemade or from a box because they are both delish. I put sprinkles in mine because why wouldn’t you?

2. Bake the cake in a normal 9×13 inch pan.

3. Destroy the cake. Completely crumble it up using a fork, a knife, your hands, whatever floats your goat.

4. Put your crumbled cake into a bowl and add the frosting. Again, you can use either homemade or store bought. But only use half of what you make/buy. I used a can of frosting and only put half of it in.

5. Mix up the crumbled cake and frosting. This is what makes the balls stick together, so if they aren’t sticky enough, add more frosting.

6. Roll into balls!

7. I stick the tray in the fridge for about 20 minutes just so that they can become a little firmer. But after that, they are ready to dip! I melted some white chocolate chips to dip them in.

8. I put sprinkles on mine, because, again, why wouldn’t you?

9. Put them back in the fridge until the chocolate hardens and then you have cake pops!


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