Out and About

One of the reasons I love summer is because you can sleep all you want and forget what day it is. For me, this has never been more true. I have slept SO much and it feels so good, especially because I rarely sleep past 8:30. But anyways, I wore this outfit to do a little shopping with my sister yesterday. We went to some of my favorite stores and didn’t sped any money. I was so proud of myself. Lately, I have gone over my budget a little too much and have put myself on spending lockdown. There were so many pretty things -including an adorable pair of high-waisted leopard print shorts that I forced my sister to get at JCrew. But, after doing a little shopping, it was nice to come home and make pizzas with my mom and just eat outside- it was such a gorgeous day.

{Tank: Gap, Skirt: Georgio, Shoes: Target, Bag: Tory Burch}

{Necklace: Kate Spade, Rings: Flea Market; David Yurman, Earrings: Nordstrom; Pearls}


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