The Power of Positive Thinking

So yesterday I flew to California! Woo! I had to wake up at 4:00 a.m. to catch my 6:00 a.m. flight to Atlanta, and then flew from Atlanta to San Francisco! California is seriously one of the greatest places ever, and even though I come here twice a year, I never get tired of it. But I was incredibly tired after my day yesterday. Because California is 2 hours behind, so when you think it’s 9 o’clock and a semi-reasonable time to go to bed, it’s really only 7 o’clock. But I mustered through it and here I am. As soon as we get into San Fran, it is a tradition for my Grandpa to take my mother, sister, and me to Nordstrom and eat at the cafe there (we also do a little shopping). So, after we finished eating, I wanted to go look at all the makeup- because lately I’ve had some obsession with makeup counters. I went straight to the YSL and found this gorgeous red lipstick. Now, normally, I don’t wear red lipstick on a day-to-day basis. But, once I found this one (#18 red taboo), everything changed. I fell in love. But, when the lady went behind the counter to look for it, THEY WERE OUT. I was devastated. Fortunately, the anniversary sale is coming up, so what better excuse than that to go back?

P.S. I never got to do an complete photo shoot because I passed out as soon as I got to the house, so all of these were either taken at the airport, on my computer on the plane, or in the car. SORRY

{Sweater: Anthropologie, Cami: Gap, Pants: Nordstrom (similar), Shoes: Target, Bag: Longchamp, Anthropologie}



Wish List

Do you ever have that feeling that you need to shop? I do. Like everyday. But, I do not have a job (which I need to change) so my disposable income is at a minimum. But here is a list of things I am currently obsessing over. Be prepared for a Kate Spade overload.

1. Printed Summer Scarf in Camel Brown– J. Crew

2. Isabel– Kate Spade

3. Villabella Avenue Celina– Kate Spade

4. Grove Court Maise– Kate Spade

5. Perfect Shirt in Linen– J. Crew

6. Scalloped Eyelet Shorts– J. Crew

7. Tudor City Large Debra– Kate Spade

8. 1969 Lightweight Always Skinny Skimmer Jeans– Gap

9. Cropped Needlepoint Pullover– Anthropologie

10. iPhone Case– Society6

Going To The Chapel

This weekend has been one of the best times I have had in a really long time. My cousin got married in Jackson, Mississippi and almost all the family made it to the wedding. I love being able to see all my cousins because we barely all ever get together (which  I think we need to change). While we were there, we went to the rehearsal dinner, did a little shopping, went to the wedding, and had a big family breakfast. It was a fantastic weekend and I loved seeing all my family.

P.S. The tape on my fingers looks awesome, right? It’s my new favorite accessory. Completely kidding- I jammed my finger while I was playing basketball and it swelled up and turned blue. I didn’t think you wanted to see it.

P.P.S. In the second set of pictures, I had just bought that watch before taking them. There was this cute little shop called Turkoyz and there was this adorable rose gold watch and I had to have it.

P.P.P.S. I made the mistake of not taking picture before the wedding, so please excuse the fact that I look a little insane and disheveled. I promise I looked decent during the ceremony.

Rehearsal Dinner {Dress: The Webster for Target, Shoes: Target, Bag: Chanel, Necklace: Kate Spade, Bangles: Dazzle}

Lunch and Shopping {Shorts: Gap, Top: Gap, Scarf: Vintage, Shoes: Target, Bag: Chanel, Sunglasses: Nordstrom, Watch: Turkoyz (similar)}

On my sister {Top: Gap, Shorts: JCrew, Belt: JCrew (similar), Sandals: Piperlime, Purse: H&M, Necklace: Turkoyz, Sunglasses: Nordstrom (similar)}

Wedding {Dress: Adrianna Papell, Shoes: Steve Madden (similar), Purse: Chanel}

Wear Your Lilly

Happy National Wear Your Lilly Day (well, yesterday)! I loved wearing my Lilly dress, but the only problem I had was dressing it down. It is a seersucker-type fabric but with polka dots instead of stripes. I have worn it to a few weddings, but I really wanted to try making it a little more casual. One go-to piece of clothing that is able to dress down anything is a denim jacket. And, when paired with some espadrilles, turned my fancy Lilly dress into an everyday outfit.

{Dress: Lilly Pulitzer (old), Jacket: Banana Republic (similar), Shoes: Target}

Love and Light

This pair of shorts is one of my most favorite things ever. They are bright, pink, and remind of one of my favorite designers: Lilly Pulitzer. And how perfect, because today is National Wear Your Lilly Day! Well, I will probably be wearing my real Lilly today, but yesterday was basically like a warm-up for today. But it was seriously so hot yesterday so a white tank and shorts were a must- but a little more dressed up that my usual tshirt and shorts.

{Top: Target (old), Shorts: Gap, Shoes: Target, Bag: Tory Burch, Sunglasses: Nordstrom}

In Full Bloom

Well, sort of. The roses behind me bloomed out just a few days ago, but there are a few and they are SO pretty. I just love when all the flowers in my backyard bloom- it just makes everything so happy. And this dress has flowers all over it. BUT, what’s different is that these flowers will never bloom out! Woo! This is another Jason Wu for Target dress and I am obsessed with it. I wore it all the time during school, and I have been waiting to wear it this summer!

{Dress: Jason Wu for Target, Shoes: Payless (similar), Headband: Target (similar)}

Pink Dress, Purple Toes

Happy Monday, everyone! Well, it’s Monday, so how happy can it be? But that doesn’t need to stop us from having fun! Yesterday was Father’s Day and we spent it pretty low-key. I went to church in the morning and sang in choir, but then we all came home and just relaxed in the backyard by the pool. It is really great to be able to just hang out with my family.

{Dress: JCrew (similar), Sweater: Anthropologie, Shoes: Payless}


When it is as hot as it here right now, you can barely go outside with instantly breaking a sweat. Southern summers are one of the most brutal things about living here, but I know I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. But, to cope with the heat and humidity, I need to be able to wear tshirts and shorts. Instead of wearing just a boring old white tshirt (because I don’t do boring), I cut up the back of my shirt into little bow-type things. I was inspired by Pinterest (0f course), but since I don’t own a sewing machine, I had to use some hot glue… But I really like how it turned out! I threw a lace bandeau on underneath and BAM! new favorite outfit.

{Tshirt: Hanes, Bandeau: Anthropologie, Shorts: Target, Shoes: Chacos (similar)}

Keep it Clean

This week has been pretty crazy- I spent Monday and Tuesday in Oxford, MS at yearbook camp, and today I went and helped out with vacation bible school at my church. Yearbook camp was a great opportunity because we were able to basically make an outline of our whole yearbook. We decided our theme and cover, but shhh- it’s a secret! Even though Oxford was fun, I am glad to be home and back in my own bed. This outfit is a simple, totally un-fussy ensemble that anyone can make. It is made from basics that everyone has.

{Top: Polo Ralph Lauren, Cami: Gap, Belt: Liz Claiborne (similar), Shorts: Target (similar), Shoes: Target (similar), Bag: Lucky}

{Necklace: Kate Spade, Rings: Flea Market, David Yurman}

The Thwack is Back

Yesterday, I had the amazing opportunity to go to the FedEx St. Jude golf tournament. My dad was able to get us really amazing seats on the 18th hole and were got to see all the golfers end for the day. There is some incredible talent there- including Rory McIlroy! I watched him on the 7th and then the 18th. He is adorable! And Irish! But all in all it was a beautiful day to watch some great golf.

PS- this whole post was done from my phone! I feel so tech- savvy

{Dress: JCrew, Shoes: Target, Belt: Liz Claiborne}